Cracked teeth are highly susceptible to infection because through open crevices, the infection can reach to the roots, which can be detrimental for teeth’s health. Crowns can restore broken teeth and bring their strength back to their true form. Lending a definite shape to a damaged tooth, sternly supporting a large filling and holding the broken tooth together to save it from permanent damage are a few things a crown is capable of. Dentists also use it to attach a bridge when there isn’t much natural support available.

It is crafted very carefully by experts and is based on several factors like the shape of the damaged teeth, the structure of the surface of the teeth or the bite, the health and shape of the adjacent teeth. We at MM Family and Sleep Dentistry use the most accurate measures and equipments to deliver the best possible results to our patients.

Our dentists will guide you about which material will be the best for the preparation of the crown, based upon the condition of the tooth and the compound’s compatibility with your body. Porcelain, Gold and ceramic are the most commonly used substances, all having different characteristics. While gold is considered the strongest, it is much more expensive than the cheap and flexible porcelain.

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